Financial Systems

Peer protocol is a secure, fast and low-cost Ethereum L2 designed to bring the era of global micropayments.

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Ultra-fast protocol

Peer Protocol is an innovative Ethereum Layer-2 blockchain using OP Stack. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of payments and financial applications through secure, fast, and cost-effective transactions.

Security and Stability

By leveraging Ethereum as the L1 network, Peer Protocol ensures a high level of security and stability for the network. Users can have confidence in the robustness of the network as they do with the Ethereum blockchain.

Fast Transactions

Using Optimism’s OP Stack, Peer Protocol achieves lightning-fast transaction speeds on its layer-2 network. Say goodbye to slow and expensive transactions, as Peer Protocol enables you to transact with ease and speed.

EVM Compatibility

Developers will feel right at home with Peer Protocol’s EVM compatibility. Easily port your existing Ethereum smart contracts to Peer Protocol, reducing the learning curve and time to market.

Low-cost Transactions

By using the OP Stack, Peer Protocol significantly reduces transaction costs, making economically viable for various financial and payment-related use cases, including global micropayments.


PIP is now PEER

An exciting leap forward in the world of decentralized finance! We are thrilled to announce the migration of PIP to our own independent layer-2 blockchain network - PEER Protocol


Financial dApps

Peer Protocol serves as the perfect platform for building a wide range of decentralized financial applications (DFAs)


Enable seamless and instant payments between users and businesses, locally and globally.


Exceptional capability to transform, decentralize, and increase liquidity by tokenizing real-world assets and financial instruments


Empower individuals to send and receive cross-border remittances quickly and cost-effectively.


Build stablecoin Dapps, providing a more stable means of transacting and storing value within the Peer Protocol.

Asset management

Create decentralized asset management platforms that allow users to invest and manage digital assets.

Financial DAOs

Create DAOs, empowering community members to make decisions and allocate funds for various initiatives.


Implement micro-lending that offer small loans to individuals or businesses in need, as well as micropayment solutions.




Payment solutions for Web3 industry

Primer Finance

Collateralized lending platform

Global remittance mobile application


NFT-gated mobile messaging app

Peerscan (coming soon)

Network explorer for Peer protocol